ffA, TerraSpark Team Up for Seismic Research & Development

ffA ("Foster Findlay Associates Ltd") and TerraSpark Geosciences have entered into an agreement to explore parallel research and development programs.

The challenges faced in exploration and production today demand radically new seismic interpretation workflows. By defining rapid, accurate and robust methods for building geologically consistent 3D representations of the subsurface, new levels of interpretation productivity and insight can be reached.

This process is technically demanding, requiring novel interactive tools that efficiently harness the expert knowledge of the interpreter within a highly interactive, data driven process. ffA and TerraSpark already deliver these tools and believe that innovation may be greatly accelerated by combining their unparalleled strengths in image analysis, interpretation and visualization.

Jonathan Henderson, ffA's Managing Director said, "ffA is delighted to be exploring research and development interests with TerraSpark. ffA believes in working openly with other leading technology companies to facilitate converting innovation into practical solutions. ffA and TerraSpark share a vision that includes delivering tools that will dramatically improve interpretation accuracy, productivity and confidence through positioning 3D seismic analysis at the heart of next generation interpretation workflows. In working together we have the potential to bring the benefits of this vision to our users much more quickly and cost effectively."

Geoffrey Dorn, CEO of TerraSpark said, "We are excited about the potential of this agreement to accelerate the development of new interpretation technologies for today's E&P challenges, capitalizing on the synergies between TerraSpark's Insight Earth®, our flagship platform providing revolutionary 3D interpretation techniques, and ffA's world-leading SVI Pro and SEA 3D Pro seismic analysis software. Working with ffA offers an opportunity for us to extend TerraSpark's True Volume value proposition by achieving new thresholds in performance."