Tuscany Turns on Taps at 2nd Horizontal Dina Well

Tuscany's second horizontal Dina oil well, Tuscany et al Evesham HZ 1A8-21-3B16-16-39-27W3, commenced production on January 16, 2010. The well is currently producing at a restricted rate of approximately 80 barrels of oil per day with less than a 5% water cut.

This is the second successful horizontal well drilled in this Dina pool, on a 1,040 acre prospect. Tuscany is preparing a development plan for the pool. Based on geology and proprietary 3D seismic, full development could require more than 30 horizontal oil wells, with associated surface and water handling facilities. The drilling of the next horizontal well is planned for the second quarter of 2010. Tuscany is the operator and holds a 60 % working interest in the lands.

Tuscany plans to focus its efforts on its Saskatchewan production, development and exploration opportunities. In addition to its existing Evesham and Macklin properties, Tuscany has acquired an interest in 1,934 acres (650 net) on a developing Bird Bear oil play, located in the Evesham-Senlac area.