Spectraseis Completes Survey for Shell Egypt

Spectraseis has completed a Low Frequency (LF) seismic survey for Shell Egypt N.V in the North East Abu Gharadig (NEAG) Basin, Western Desert, Egypt.

The survey objective was to introduce LF technology in the Western Desert of Egypt. The project is the largest ever LF seismic synchronous survey, with 110 data points recorded over four days. The survey data is currently being processed with initial results expected in early February 2010.

The project took place with the logistical support of Ardiseis, a regional joint venture between CGGVeritas and TAQA in the Middle East region, and covered a 60 square kilometer area in one week using a team of 17 crew members.

It also saw the mobilization of 120 recording stations -- the largest equipment shipment for a single LF seismic survey by Spectraseis, and featured Spectraseis' recently launched field acquisition system, Field Office 2.0 and its innovative numerical technique Time Reverse Imaging (TRI). TRI spatially localizes the source of hydrocarbon microtremors, allowing operators to directly image hydrocarbon reservoirs at depth.