OPITO Spotlights Improving Safety Standards in Malaysia

Delegates from across Malaysia's growing oil and gas community attended an industry briefing this month to discover how safety and training standards are improving in the region.

OPITO , the body which sets the bar for safety and competency in the worldwide oil and gas industry, held the event in Kuala Lumpur on January 12 which was attended by around 50 representatives from more than 36 local and international companies.

Aberdeen-headquartered OPITO opened an office in Kuala Lumpur in 2008 and now employs nine staff to provide technical support to energy companies operating across Asia Pacific.

Delegates were told how the company is supporting the development of world class training providers in the oil and gas industry with 29 providers in the region now operating to OPITO standards, compared to just 18 in 2007. Worldwide, more than 120,000 people across 30 countries are trained to OPITO standards every year.

The event was part of OPITO's new international drive towards delivering common standards to improve workforce safety and competency in world-wide oil and gas provinces which has already seen a similar event take place in the Middle East.

David Doig, CEO of the OPITO Group, said, "For any company working within any industry, its people are its most valuable asset. This briefing provided us with the opportunity of demonstrating to energy companies within this vibrant region what the industry, through OPITO, has achieved in terms of raising safety and training standards in just a short time.

"Working with employers we will continue to build on these developments to further establish our presence in Asia Pacific and work towards achieving further recognition on the world market in a bid to raise safety standards globally."