Brinx Drills 2 More Successful Wells at OK 2009-3 Project

Brinx Resources has completed drilling on two more successful wells at the Oklahoma 2009-3 Project. To date, this makes for three of three successful wells at the 09-03 Oklahoma Project.

It should be noted that two wells in this program (09-3 #1 and 09-3 #2) flowed oil at good pressures and volume in drill stem tests taken from the significant zones. Electric and radiation logs also indicate the potential for as many as nine separate potential pay zones in all three wells, including the 09-3 #3.

"The Company is very encouraged by the continued success of our 09-3 drill program," said Leroy Halterman, President of Brinx Resources. "Each of our Oklahoma Project's well locations were targeted using modern 3-D seismic surveys and we are optimistic that our detailed analysis and preparation will continue to pay off for our upcoming wells in these programs."

The 09-3 Oklahoma Project well discoveries are part of a four well drill program located in the same geographic area as a highly successful Brinx and Partners well drilled in the 2008-3 program. The first well of the program (09-3 #1) was drilled in late October with positive results including a drill stem test that flowed oil and natural gas to the surface. As previously reported, the 09-03#1 well appears to be a significant new oil and gas discovery.

The three successful 09-03 wells are currently undergoing final preparation prior to the start of production. This process is expected to take several weeks.

Drilling is currently underway at the fourth and final location of the 09-03 Oklahoma Project. Results are expected to be forthcoming in the near future.