Moyno Gear Drivehead Controls Pump Speed

The Moyno Gear Drivehead (MGD) uses an adjustable hydraulic gear drive to quickly and easily control the downhole progressing cavity pump (PCP) speed at the wellsite to maximize production without pumping off the well.

The MGD provides cost-effective operating efficiency as well as safe and reliable operation throughout its long service life. This hydraulic drivehead features effective backspin control that has been field-proven for operational safety.

Features and benefits of the MGD include:

  • Rated to 70 HP at 1,200 PRM input speed
  • High strength alloy shafts for rugged durability
  • Accepts standard “C” mount 80 or 90 cc hydraulic motors for ready access to cost-effective components
  • Handles system pressures to 4,000 PSI for application versatility
  • Eliminates external moving parts such as belts and sheaves
  • Allows you to optimize production by easily matching pump speed to well conditions
  • Easy maintenance

The integrated variable speed control and broad selection of speed and torque combinations that are available make the MGD the ideal choice for an extensive range of downhole PCP applications.