Premier Explorer DSV Completes Full Year of Operations

Louisiana Oilfield Divers' Dive Support Vessel Premier Explorer completed its first full year of operations, enjoying 77% utilization. The US flagged 4-point vessel has a length of 208 ft. and breadth of 53 ft. making her one of the widest vessels in her class.

The Premier Explorer's size and distinctive configuration allows her to hold a large amount of project-specific equipment and supplies without affecting dive operations. This has allowed her to complete a variety of projects under a single mobilization including: Pipeline flushing and abandonment without additional vessel support while carrying all flushing equipment onboard; Performing platform repair utilizing the installation of two 18-ton 40 in. by 47 ft. pin piles with the ability to hold 98 pallets of 3:1 Sand/Cement bags; The recovery and reinstallation of 400+ ft. of 10 in. pipeline utilizing 80 ft. pre-assembled spool pieces, including the riser and riser guard installation; Performing her deepest dive project to date on mixed gas at 250 ft. water depth.

Daniel Babin, LOD's Vice President, Marine stated, "The Premier Explorer's versatility and capabilities have made her a true asset to the company, and we are confident that she will see increased utilization in 2010 as her unique abilities emerge. She is an excellent platform for diving operations, while her size, stability and configuration make her well-suited for a variety of projects and clients."