Toobada-1 Well Looks Promising

Harriet Joint Venture's Toobada-1 exploration well is expected to reach total depth this week. The well is located in WA-192-P, 15 kilometers north of the Wonnich Field offshore Australia. Tap Oil says the top of the primary objective was penetrated close to prognosis. Hydrocarbon shows have been reported over a 200 meter gross interval in the equivalent of the Flag and Barrow Group Sandstones.

The Toobada-1 well was proposed by Tap, to test a potential oil accumulation at top Flag Sandstone level. At total depth a suite of electric logs and formation pressure tester/sampler will be run to determine the nature and significance of the shows.

Harriet Joint Venture Participants in the Toobada-1 well are Tap Oil as operator with 13.7723%; Apache Energy Limited with 64.5207% and Kufpec Australia with 21.707%.