Pluspetrol's Helicopters on Track with Blue Sky GPS

The largest oil and gas producer in Peru, Pluspetrol, is utilizing Blue Sky Network's GPS-based aviation tracking devices to follow and stay in contact with its contracted helicopter fleets. The portability and easy installation of Blue Sky's D2000A allows Pluspetrol to move the devices from aircraft to aircraft, saving significant costs associated with purchasing flight trackers for each fleet the oil producer contracts with.

Pluspetrol has equipped its fleet with the D2000A flyaway kit, an ultra-portable tracking solution that enables the devices to move seamlessly from one copter to another. With the battery life lasting up to 12 hours, the D2000A allows managers to monitor their fleets day or night, without worrying about losing battery charge. Other features of the D2000A include short code messaging interface, Mayday button, and an Ethernet port for connecting to any laptop or PDA. Blue Sky utilizes the only truly global satellite provider, Iridium, to ensure that Pluspetrol's fleet will be in communication anywhere in Peru, South America or across the globe.

"Safety of personnel and internal communications are paramount in any industry, but especially for oil and gas workers who rely on helicopters every day," said Carlton van Putten, Blue Sky Network's Senior Vice President of Marketing. "The D2000's advanced communication capabilities provide Pluspetrol's workforce with peace of mind that they are on track and safe in the event of an emergency."

The D2000A provides key safety features to pilots, like a Mayday button, which will send messages to Blue Sky Network's SkyRouter Web portal, along with alerts to programed e-mail addresses and mobile phones. SkyRouter is accessible to anyone on the ground with an Internet connection.