Amerada Hess Re-Develops Angus

Amerada Hess has received DTI approval for re-developing the Angus Field. It will be produced by a subsea tieback to the Uisge Gorm floating production, storage and offloading vessel which is already producing the Fife, Fergus and Flora fields. This is the first time on the UKCS that a decommissioned field has been re-developed.

The ground breaking re-development will have a single gas lifted well, an 8" production flowline and a 3" gas lift line to tie back the well to the Uisge Gorm FPSO approximately 11 miles away. Amerada Hess has commenced drilling on Angus utilizing the Glomar Arctic IV semisubmersible and production is expected to commence at the end of the third quarter this year.

The Angus field located 209 miles east south east of Aberdeen, in UKCS Blocks 31/26a and 31/21, was originally produced between December 1991 and June 1993 from two subsea wells connected to the Petrojarl FPSO. At the time it was the smallest stand alone field on the UKCS producing approximately 12 million barrels and the first use of an FPSO for a full field development.