Petrolia Fires Up Tar Point Production Tests

Pétrolia reported the start of completion work on its three wells (Tar Point No 1, Haldimand No 1 and 2), located near Gaspé, Québec. The production tests began last Saturday with the arrival of the service rig on the Tar Point location. When the well was drilled, a zone of highly-fractured limestones of the Indian Cove Formation produced some light oil. These new tests are intended to define the production capacity of this zone.

The Tar Point No. 1 well, 2434 m deep, has been cased at 2201 m. The work will consist in perforating and then stimulating zones with a total thickness of 58.5 m between the 2060 and 2160 m levels. The well will then be emptied by swabbing and its productive capacity evaluated over a 7 day-period.

The well will then be shut down for a period of about a month, to allow the pressure to build up again. Pressure gauges installed across the perforated zone, will record the pressure build-up. The data thus obtained will be used to determine the production capacity of the well.