ZEiTECS Continues Success with Rigless ESP Interventions

Greg Schneider, President and Chief Executive Officer of ZEiTECS, announced the release of the Shuttle 550 series, a new generation of rigless ESP solutions.

The 550 series allows operators to deploy and retrieve up to a 456 series ESP through 5 ½" tubing within 7" casing. The 700 series allows operators to deploy up to 562 series ESPs through 7" tubing within 9 5/8" casing.

The ZEiTECS Shuttle uses wireline technology to give operators the benefit of rigless retrievable and redeployment of conventional ESP systems through tubing, rapidly and reliably. By eliminating the need of a hoist or rig, operators could realise savings of millions of dollars in rig costs, eliminating significant production deferment and avoiding the HSE risks associated with ESP workover operations.

The Shuttle brings further benefits to production and field operations by incorporating preventative maintenance activities for the ESP into programmed well services activities and scheduled field shutdowns. In this way the system delivers greater production continuity, ensuring maximum uptime, extending ESP run life and minimizing ESP-related operating expenditure throughout field life.

Shuttle 550 and 700 series utilize ZEiTECS' proprietary and proven downhole wet-mateable connector system. This capability permits the operator to fully service the pump, seal and motor of the ESP system through the tubing.

Since the technology's original launch in August 2009, ZEiTECS has installed 700 series Shuttles in Oman, the USA and Brunei, reports Tony King, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer: "Building on multiple successful commercial installations of our Shuttle 700 series in 2009, we have firm commitments for further installations in 2010 in Oman and Brunei. In addition we are close to agreeing deployments onshore and offshore with several other major E&P companies.

"The Shuttle has impressed customers with its robustness, its degree of debris tolerance, and the ease and speed of its deployment. We have been able to safely retrieve, reinstall and restart ESP systems within a few hours with minimum wireline services support. With this unique, proprietary downhole power installation, ZEiTECS is helping operators to enhance field planning, optimize well management and achieve major workover savings."