Sonoran Reactivates Well #5 on Emjayco Glide Prospect

Sonoran Energy reports that well #5 on the Company's Emjayco Glide #33 property in California has been successfully reactivated. The #5 well is now producing approximately 800 Bbls of fluid per day and over the next 30 to 60 days the Company expects to get an accurate assessment of the well's oil cut. This is the first production from this well since 1970 when it was shut down by a fire.

A new pump unit installed on the #5 well now has the largest capacity of any pump unit on the Glide lease. Sonoran Energy and its operating partner, Longbow LLC, now plan to study the viability of upgrading several other wells on the Glide lease to larger units. These larger pump units could expand capacity of the existing wells from 600 Bbls of fluid per day to about 1000 Bbls of fluid per day. There are three additional wells on the Glide lease that could be upgraded to the larger pump units.

The reactivation project could increase oil production on the 160-acre property by reactivating several additional well sites. To date, 10 wells on the Glide lease have been restored to production with two wells still to be reactivated.

"The reactivation project will enable Sonoran Energy to quickly ramp up its oil production," said John Punzo, Sonoran Energy CEO. "We now plan to explore the reactivation of the remaining inactive wells on the Glide property, review the possibility of upgrading three wells on the property to larger pumping units, and consider initiating a drilling program for the 640,000 barrels of proved undeveloped reserves (PUD) found on the 160-acre Emjayco Glide #33 property."