CGGVeritas Extends GOM Three Corners 3D Survey

CGGVeritas announced today that it has begun acquiring the Three Corners Extension 3D Wide-Azimuth multi-client survey in the western Gulf of Mexico.

The 415-OCS block wide-azimuth survey is an extension of the recently completed Three Corners Wide-Azimuth survey. The combined survey will cover over 600 blocks in East Breaks and Alaminos Canyon.

Acquisition is scheduled to be completed during the second quarter of 2010, enabling the delivery of a Fast Trax 3D PSDM RTM volume to the industry prior to MMS OCS Western lease sale 215 scheduled for August 2010. Final products from the survey are expected to be delivered in the second quarter of 2011.

Colin Murdoch, Executive Vice President, North America region, CGGVeritas, said, "Our customers have been impressed with the preliminary image results from the Three Corners survey and supported an expansion of this program. Until now the Alaminos Canyon protraction area has been one of the most difficult areas to image in the Gulf of Mexico, yet our wide-azimuth acquisition and advanced imaging technologies have shown excellent results in this area."


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