Clariant Ramps Up Business with Chevron-Duri Indonesia

Clariant Oil Services, a business unit of Clariant International Ltd, has signed a "Heavy Oil Services" contract to supply Chevron-Duri in Indonesia with products and services for the Duri steam flood. Steam flooding is an enhanced oil recovery method that injects steam into the reservoir to increase oil recovery. With a production of 200,000 barrels of crude oil each day, the Duri project is the largest steam flood oilfield in the world and the main source of oil production in Indonesia.

The four year contract, which is valued at about US $64.75 million, now includes all chemicals to be provided by Clariant, and builds on a previous arrangement under which Clariant Oil Services supplied Chevron-Duri.

Signed by the President Director of PT Clariant Indonesia, Mr Hans G. Herrel on behalf of Clariant Oil Services, the contract covers the supply of chemicals, including demulsifiers, deoilers and flocculent chemicals, as well as scale and corrosion inhibitors, surfactants and resins.

The additional local employment required to support the new contract brings the total number of field employees recruited by Clariant to 90. The contract took effect on December 12, 2009.