Gulf Offshore Logistics to Build 8 Deepwater Offshore Support Vessels

Gulf Offshore Logistics, LLC ("GOL") intends on building an additional eight deepwater offshore support vessels. These vessels are in addition to the 13 deepwater vessels that GOL has taken delivery of over the last three years.

Four of the vessels will be 220 foot by 36 foot DP2 fast supply vessels. These vessels will be powered by four 3,000 horsepower CAT engines and capable of speeds exceeding 30 knots. The vessels will be built by Gulf Craft, LLC in Patterson, Louisiana and the first vessel is expected to be delivered in 2012.

The other four vessels will be 300 foot class DP2 diesel electric platform supply vessels. These vessels will have capacities for 18,000 barrels of liquid mud, 13,000 cubic feet of dry bulk and will exceed 5,000 dead weight tons. The vessels will be powered by CAT engines and utilize Rolls Royce for the integrated bridge, DP system, power management system, propulsion, automations and electrical distribution. The vessels will be built by Thoma-Sea Builders LLC in Lockport, Louisiana with the first delivery set for 2012.

Upon completion of this additional new build program, GOL will have a total of 21 owned and operated deepwater service vessels with several of these vessels slated to work under long-term charter agreements extending into 2014. In addition to its deepwater fleet, GOL operates 23 other vessels serving the shelf market (bringing GOL’s total owned and operated fleet to 44 vessels) and manages the logistics needs of several independent oil and gas companies.

The additional new build program is part of GOL's continued focus to serve the needs of the deepwater operators in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.


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