BHP Billiton Awards Angostura Engineering Gig to GATE

GATE (Gibson Applied Technology & Engineering) LLC has been selected by BHP Billiton Corporation to provide specialized project engineering for the Angostura development located 22 miles off the coast of Trinidad.

The scope of GATE's work will include the development of Initial Start-up Plans and Procedures to safely and efficiently bring into operation all equipment and systems that have not been operated before. Work will include everything from the initial ramp-up of the production wells to the start-up of the topsides equipment and will maximize the amount of subsurface information obtained during this period.

Jorge Garduño, GATE's Startups Manager, said, "Many gaps become apparent as projects progress from the Commissioning to the Operations phase. The underlying goal is to minimize risks associated with one of the most challenging transient events of field operations. GATE's work will help meet first-oil targets and reach maximum steady-state production as soon as possible without jeopardizing any of the project’s assets."