Crystal Ocean FPSO Returned to BMG Operations in 4Q 2009

Roc Oil (Vic) Pty Limited (formerly Anzon Australia Pty Limited), a wholly owned subsidiary of ROC, has provided an update on BMG oil and gas field operations.

The Crystal Ocean FPSO and Basker Spirit tanker returned to the BMG field in late November following a maintenance and vessel survey programme, during which a flare gas compressor ("FGC") package was successfully installed on the Crystal Ocean FPSO. The maintenance, vessel survey and FGC installation programs were completed within budget but approximately two weeks behind schedule, primarily due to additional work to meet maintenance and statutory survey requirements.

Basker-2 ("B2") subsea repairs and inspections were successfully completed while BMG was offline. Basker-7 ("B7") development well production tests were completed across four reservoir zones during December with a maximum individual zonal rate of approximately 1,000 BOPD.

The optimization of production from four wells (B2, B3, B7 and Manta-2A) is continuing. Current field production is approximately 6,000 BOPD.