Unique System Adds Sonardyne Technology to Inventory

Aberdeen rental company, Unique System UK Ltd has added some of the most advanced Sonardyne technology to its inventory with the purchase of a Ranger-Pro USBL (Ultra-Short Base Line) acoustic positioning system. The company, which has only recently opened its Aberdeen facility, has also bought a number of Wideband Sub-Mini transponders, acoustic release transponders and associated deck command units.

The Ranger system offers high performance, survey grade acoustic positioning for tracking ROVs, towfish and as a reference for dynamically positioned vessels. The portable Ranger-Pro package bought by Unique System is intended for the most advanced survey applications and can be temporarily installed on vessels of opportunity. It incorporates Sonardyne's unique 'pingstacking' technology which provides one second position update rates independentof water depth, tracking of up to 10 targets and full ocean depth operating range. The system is compatible with a wide range of industry transponders including Sonardyne's Wideband Sub-Minis which have recently benefited from anupgrade in operating depth from 3,000 meters to 4,000 meters.

Ray Hughes of Unique System believes that the Sonardyne equipment will be essential for meeting the needs of his customers. "Our clients expect to work with the best and most innovative equipment there is. It is our job to ensure that we have the right equipment available for them to rent whenever they need it," he said. "This investment has been made in anticipation of an upturn in offshore activity; the new Sonardyne equipment isalready ear-marked for its first rental customer who intends to use it in deepwater off West Africa. We are looking forward to the challenges ahead in 2010 and are positioned to accommodate any increased demand throughout the year," he added,