Cameron Performs Industry First in Deep Angolan Waters

Chevron has completed its first deepwater scale squeeze treatment using Cameron's MARS (Multiple Application Re-injection System) on well LDN4 in the Lobito Tomboco field, Angola.

The MARS system can be described as "a USB port for wellheads" and has previously been used for BP and Total for deepwater subsea pumping and metering projects. The MARS system, previously used for chemical injection operations by Shell in North Sea, has now been extended for deepwater scale squeeze operations up to 600 meters with further plans for extending the technology to 1500m. Chevron will use
this system on 13 specially modified wells within the same asset to maximize production throughout the life of field. The total scope of supply from MARS-PS included the deployment and chemical handling interfaces in addition to the MARS hardware.

Roger Bradley, Subsea Superintendent for Chevron said, "The ability to use this technology in deepwater has a significant impact on our ability to undertake subsea well scale squeezes to mitigate scale formation from a MSV support vessel, and allows us to undertake the work without the use of a drilling rig."

Ian Donald, Vice President of MARS Production Systems added, "The Lobito Tomboco project is our largest export order to date and confirms the MARS systems ability to provide cost effective deepwater liquid intervention from a MSV vessel. We are pleased to be working alongside with Chevron on such a high profile project and delighted they have chosen MARS as part of their production optimization strategy."

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