Matrikon to Provide Oilfield Solution for Statoil's NCS Facilities

Matrikon has been selected to build an intelligent oilfield solution for Statoil's Norwegian well and production facilities, including 35 offshore assets in the North Sea with the possibility of international expansion following successful implementation in Norway. The project is estimated at €4.2 million.

"We believe that Matrikon has deployed Intelligent Field (i-Field) solutions to more oil and gas wells than any other independent solution provider," stated Ian Brown, vice president EMEA. "This recent win, which follows an exhaustive evaluation process reaffirms our market leadership and demonstrates that our solution has what the oil and gas industry needs to take digital oil fields to the next level, where they can not only integrate and access information from the field to the desktop, but can also integrate workflows across engineering, managerial and maintenance domains for consistent action."

The solution employs the latest version of Well Performance Monitor, which is now empowered by Intuition to combine the powerful data cleansing, visualization and analysis tools from Matrikon’s traditional Well Performance Monitor integrated solution with advanced tools for collaboration and workflow management.

Intuition delivers a foundation for unified enterprise-wide information management, moving beyond accessing data, transforming it into information and displaying it to providing context -- a unified view of an organization’s data assets so that business and industrial processes can co-exist seamlessly, collaboration -- the ability to access the right data at the right time and share information across business units and action -- with integrated workflows to ensure the right action is taken.

The project also includes Matrikon's Equipment Condition Monitor for a complete operational excellence program including condition-based equipment monitoring and maintenance and associated workflows.

Statoil's commitment to technology positions them as a pioneer in Intelligent Field and Smart Well technologies and as one of the most technologically advanced oil and gas companies in the world.

The first phase includes a two site pilot and is expected to be completed in December 2010.