Oilsands Quest Elects New Director to Board

The Board of Directors of Oilsands Quest Inc. announced that Paul D. Ching has joined the board of OQI, effective January 7, 2010. Mr. Ching will replace William Scott Thompson as Chair of the Reserves & Resources Committee of the Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Mr. Ching has an exceptional background in E&P reservoir, production, operations, development and reservoir research. His experience on the board will deliver additional momentum to the development of the reservoirs at Axe Lake, Raven Ridge and Wallace Creek.

Mr. Ching has had a 34 year career with the Shell Group of Companies / Royal Dutch Shell, retiring in 2007 as the Vice President Technical for Research & Development of Shell International E&P in The Netherlands. Mr. Ching has worked with Shell in Texas, California Heavy Oil, Continental US, Enhanced Recovery, Thermal Reservoir Engineering, Middle East, FSU & Asia prior to heading the international research group in The Netherlands. His experience includes Canada's heavy oil and oil sands reservoirs. In the past two years Mr. Ching has been active on the board and in an executive capacity with a number of companies in the E&P oil & gas and the energy technology sectors.

"Mr. Ching will add considerable abilities to Oilsands Quest Inc. in the optimization of reservoir recovery configurations," said T. Murray Wilson, Executive Chairman. "We also appreciate the contribution of W. Scott Thompson as Chairman of the Reserves and Resources Committee of the Board of Directors."