Lux Energy Negotiates for Stake in West Central Alberta Well

Lux Energy is negotiating an agreement with the Operator of its West Central Alberta project near Edmonton to acquire a substantial working interest in the "E" well. Lux Energy currently owns positions in A, B, C and D wells in adjoining oil and gas leases.

"E" well is a priority target supported by 3D seismic structure definition. The "E" well is at an offset location to the Company's previously drilled "C" well. The "C" lease is successfully producing with secondary gas credits. This location is a topographic high where fluids naturally migrate, as was witnessed in "C" well. The operator's engineers and technicians prospect that the "E" well should encounter substantial liquids in the target reservoir. The operator points out that the "C" well is free-flowing and not yet stimulated but is successfully producing. This bodes well for the prospects of "E" well. The gathering systems and production facilities are on location and in operation, therefore the well completion can transfer to production status immediately. Revenue and cash flow are a critical feature of this "E" project.

Shane Broesky, President of Lux Energy Corp., comments, "The petroleum engineering and geological surveys of the 'E' lease indicate a superior opportunity. It is the Company's primary target in the Barhead prospects and we are optimistic that this unique opportunity to participate in this proven field will be of great benefit to Lux Energy."