Plateau Mineral Devt Explains Nat. Gas Producing Converter

Plateau Mineral Development has issued a statement concerning the natural gas that can be generated by the company's converter. Plateau's converter will generate solvent, carbon black and natural gas. Six to eight percent of the total product load discharged by the converter is natural gas.

The company's main goal is to use the natural gas to run a generator that will provide power to the pumps and compressors in the field, allowing for a stand-alone unit that needs no electrical power from the local grid to operate. This is a cost saving option when electric power may not be available in a remote site.

Alternatively, the gas could be commercially compressed into a pipeline and sold in the marketplace. Gas is currently selling for around $5.65 per MCF (NYMEX). However, at this time, Plateau has decided that it will continue to utilize the gas as a tool to lower operating costs by running the converter equipment in the field without the need for electrical power. This will allow the company to fully focus on marketing the converter's other two end products, solvent and carbon black, which are most lucrative.

"Running electrical power out to remote job sites can be a costly undertaking," states Robert Matthews of Plateau Mineral Development, Inc. "We have the unique ability to utilize a resource outputted by the process that allows us to save a considerable amount of infrastructure funds that would have otherwise been spent on operating expenses. This is yet another step towards increased revenue for the company."