Geospatial Completes Pipeline Mapping Projects for Sunoco

Geospatial Holdings announced the successful completion of several pipeline mapping projects on behalf of Sunoco Logistics Partners, which carries out numerous relocations, reroutes and rehabilitation projects to maintain its extensive network of crude oil and refined products pipelines.

On one recent project Geospatial employed its cutting-edge Smart Probe™ technology, a 3D mapping system, during a 1,200-foot-long, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) bore performed by Sunoco for a 12.75-inch-wide crude oil pipeline in Tyler, Texas. This project was part of a required utility relocation on behalf of the Texas Department of Transportation's Toll 49 Highway project. Geospatial's probe succeeded in creating an accurate direct measurement of the pipeline’s centerline. The project was completed during October 2009.

Geospatial's Smart Probe™ technology is used in a number of underground utility industries, including oil and gas, municipal, electrical and power, telecom and industrial facilities. The probe moves through a pipeline, recording all changes in inclination, heading and velocity, and stores the information internally on the probe. The technology involves two components: an array of instruments for data collection, including accelerometers, gyroscopes and odometers; and a software package that subsequently transfers the data into a GIS database. Users accessing the database can obtain a file documenting horizontal coordinates and elevation (x, y, z) at regular intervals along the pipeline.

At the Texas worksite, the Smart Probe™ was attached to a nylon-braided tape and pulled through the pipe once in each direction to ensure the most accurate readings. "Sunoco validated its use of the 3D mapping process for trenchless installation and rehabilitation of its crude oil and refined products pipelines, and Geospatial’s Smart Probe™ produced as-built plans and profiles for the project," said William Chaparro, project manager for western area pipeline relocations at Sunoco Logistics.

Mark A. Smith, CEO of Geospatial Holdings added, "We view this project as a major inflection point for Geospatial. This project has established Geospatial as a trusted vendor for Sunoco, and helped pave the way for a long-term alliance between the two companies. Moreover, the project's success gives us a foothold among top-tier oil and gas companies, which we intend to leverage to attract new customers looking for help in managing their pipeline assets and infrastructure data."