BJ Services Applies ComPlete MST System on Sisi-Nubi Project

BJ Services Company has completed the 25th application of its ComPlete™ multizone single-trip (MST) system with a successful five-zone completion on the Sisi-Nubi project in the Mahakam Delta offshore Indonesia.

The completion for Total E&P Indonesia involved five high-rate water-pack operations using a 9 5/8-in. system. The ComPlete MST system required only 3.8 days operating time, saving an estimated 12 days of rig time and $2.4 million on the project. The well represents the 15th such completion for Total E&P Indonesia since 2007. Additional ComPlete MST systems have been installed for operators in India and the Gulf of Mexico, in deepwater and shelf environments, and for selective frac-pack, gravel-pack and standalone screen applications. More than 100 zones have been completed globally.

"The most exciting result of the 25th application is our continued record of dramatic time and cost savings for the operator," said David Dunlap, Chief Operating Officer, BJ Services. "The ComPlete MST system gives the petroleum industry a proven reliable instrument for multizone completions and a way-forward in minimizing rig cycle time in offshore developments. The economics are such that even marginal pay zones can be produced alongside larger intervals for full exploitation of entire reservoirs and fields."

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