Det Norske Ramps Up Total Production with Varg Output

Average production from January to November 2009 was 1,776 barrels per day. In December, the average was 2,402 barrels per day.

Det norske has ownership interests in four producing fields, Jotun, Giltne, Enoch and Varg.

The main reason for the increase is the Varg field. Production Well A-10A on the Varg field, drilled in the third quarter of 2009, increased total production of the Varg from 11,600 barrels to over 26,000 barrels.

It also gives grounds for optimism for the new planned production wells in 2010 in the southeastern segment of the Varg field, which, in 2002, was planned to shut down by its original owners.

The management of Det norske (then Pertra) saw the opportunity to get more out of the field.

"This shows the importance of a wide range of companies with fresh measures on the Norwegian continental shelf. Varg has produced longer than most thought, and will continue to produce for a long time," said CEO of Det norske Erik Haugane.