Ramboll Snaps Up Danish Engineering Co

As part of an ambitious strategy for growth, Ramboll Oil & Gas opens 2010 by acquiring the engineering company QA Consulting in Esbjerg, Denmark. The acquisition of QA Consulting will expand Ramboll Oil & Gas' services within maintenance of offshore installations significantly and unite specialized knowledge on oil and gas projects into one major consultancy.

Complete Offshore Services

The acquisition of QA Consulting will expand Ramboll Oil & Gas’ services on maintenance of offshore installations significantly. In the future we are able to offer maintenance on existing facilities and documentation for new installations as well as specialised knowledge on rotating equipment. The synergy effects are clear: we will provide complete services on offshore projects with maintenance as a new service in our portfolio to the benefit of our clients.

More Value for Money

As the two companies share many of the same clients, in the future our clients only need one stop to shop for an entire palette of offshore engineering consultancy services. This will keep clients’ costs down and save numerous interfaces on projects to several consultancies.

Strategy for Growth

The acquisition of QA Consulting is only the first step of a major strategy for growth in 2010-2012. Ramboll Oil & Gas’ ambition is to grow 100% in the coming three years and thereby double our present staff of approx. 700 employees by 2012.

"The strategy for growth that was decided in the autumn of 2008 was challenged substantially by the financial crisis. However, during 2009 we have been watching the development, while eager to move on. And after one year's dialogue with QA Consulting we are ready to take the next step," said Managing Director of Ramboll Oil & Gas, Mr. John Sørensen.

Facts about QA Consulting

QA Consulting has more than 20 years of experience within maintenance of oil and gas facilities and rotating equipment and is specialised in preparation of maintenance procedures and planning of preventive maintenance of offshore facilities. Furthermore, the company assists clients on an ad-hoc basis during engineering, construction and commissioning phases adding value in the form of additional manpower or knowledge. QA Consulting presently employs 27 engineers and technical personnel.