ConocoPhillips To Deploy Artificial Lift Tech In Alaska

The Artificial Lift Company Ltd. (ALC), a leading artificial lift service company, announced that its RIGLESS ESP solution developed in cooperation with ConocoPhillips had been approved by the operator for commercialization.

ALC has been working closely with ConocoPhillips for more than five years to develop its groundbreaking artificial lift solution for the oil and gas industry. The ALC RIGLESS ESP technology met the commercial terms of the contract with ConocoPhillips and passed the final acceptance test in September 2009.

The fully commercialized RIGLESS ESP system will undergo additional testing with ConocoPhillips in Q1 2010 in West Texas, and the first commercial installation for ConocoPhillips is scheduled for Q2/Q3 2010 in Alaska.

"Artificial Lift Company has been flexible and responsive to our specific needs, and provided us complete access in the technical development process," said John Patterson, ConocoPhillips Production Engineering advisor. "We believe ALC's RIGLESS ESP technology is a cost-effective solution for companies facing challenging ESP applications with high intervention costs and in areas where securing a rig can require a long downtime. Our main driver for Alaska was to have a RIGLESS ESP system to allow replacement of sanded pumps and to clean out sand bridges in the casing below the ESP without using a rig."

ALC's RIGLESS ESP system significantly extends the life of a well and reduces maintenance costs.

"ConocoPhillips has been great to work with in helping Artificial Lift to develop and commercialize the RIGLESS ESP artificial lift technology," said ALC President Geoff Kimber-Smith. "The commercialization of this technology will allow us to introduce the product to markets where there is real demand for alternative ESP solutions, especially in areas where work-over costs consume a large part of the budget. We believe that there will be many worldwide opportunities in key global regions as this system will radically change the costs incurred in deploying ESPs."