Production Tubing Installed On S. Texas Well - Aminex

Production tubing has now been successfully installed at Sunny Ernst-2 in the Alta Loma development in Galveston County, Texas, Aminex reported Monday. Sunny Ernst-2, currently Aminex's most productive oil and gas well, was drilled and put on stream in 2H 2008 and averaging 3 million cubic feet/day gas production.

Drilling of Sunny Ernst-3 is proposed for 2010, most likely in the second or third quarter. It will drill up proved reserves and is a logical follow-on from Sunny Ernst-2. Production tubing has now been installed in Sunny Ernst-2 and a completion in the behind-pipe "S" sand is likely to be carried out in 2010.

Sunny Ernst-1, a much older well with limited production, has been subject of a recent workover. This was unsuccessful and the well has now been temporarily suspended.

Pipeline restrictions have now been lifted at Alta Loma.