Wilon Resources Notes Change in Management, Board

Wilon Resources has announced a change to the Company's Management and Board of Directors.

Effective with the November 19, 2009 closing of the securities purchase agreement between the past president, Mr. Harry Thompson, and E 2 Investments, LLC, a subsidiary of Adventure Energy, Inc., all officers and directors of Wilon Resources resigned in their official capacity. Mr. Wayne Anderson, President of Adventure Energy, Inc., assumed the role of interim President and Chairman.

"We appreciate the years of service the past officers and directors dedicated to the company," said Mr. Anderson. "We see an enormous opportunity to further the operations of the company and build on the company's natural gas field in Wayne County, West Virginia."

"In addition, it is our intention to add key personnel in parallel with the Company's growth. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to update shareholders on the progress made in placing the Company's wells online," added Mr. Anderson.