TNK-BP Boasts Reduction in Oil Spills by 14% in '09

TNK-BP has significantly reduced the leak rate of its pipeline systems in 2009. In particular, according to preliminary results of the year, the number of oil spills from pipelines has dropped by 14% (and an impressive 70% compared to 2005 when the active phase of works for lowering the rate of leaks began) and the number of pipeline leaks has decreased by 15% compared to 2008.

TNK-BP is successfully implementing its pipeline integrity management program. The principal elements of this program are assessment of pipeline leak risks, replacement of faulty pipelines, and testing and integration of new technologies for improving the technical conditions of existing pipelines (such as inhibition, new diagnostic methods, cathodic and galvanic protection, rehabilitation, and new repair technologies).

Only inhibition of pipelines, which protects internal walls of pipes, inhibits corrosion by 90%, and extends the period of trouble-free operation of pipelines more than twice, made it possible to protect over 11,000 km of pipelines in 2009, which is 18% more than in 2008. The volume of pipeline inhibition has grown more than five times since the inception of TNK-BP.

In 2003, TNK-BP became Russia's major investor into diagnostics, reconstruction and protection of pipelines, which considerably improved the ecological situation and environmental safety in the industrial areas of the company. Every project of TNK-BP passes a stringent ecological evaluation. The company is exercising strict control of all its activities for minimizing their negative environmental impact.