InPlace Medical Solutions Expands Services into Saudi Arabian Waters

InPlace Medical Solutions, the world's leading video offshore medical service, has expanded its services into Saudi Arabian waters for Scorpion Offshore. Scorpion's premium jackups, the Offshore Freedom and Offshore Intrepid, now enjoy InPlace Medical's video remote medical services for episodic and continuing medical care for their offshore employees.

"We are thrilled to be expanding our relationship with InPlace Medical to include our operations in Saudi Arabia," said Travis Fitts Jr., vice president of Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment for Scorpion Offshore. "The feedback from our people who participated in the pilot program in Malaysia has been encouraging and we look forward to building on the achievements to date."

InPlace Medical Solutions provides highly trained medics, physician examinations and oversight, advanced equipment, medical-quality videoconferencing, an electronic medical record (EMR) system, and an enhanced medications inventory. Services are delivered securely through a location’s Internet capability.

"In addition to the advanced medical support, we are moving forward with additional support programs that enhance worker health," said Fitts. "We are impressed by InPlace Medical’s ability to bring wellness and lifestyle improvement coaching right to the rig -- previously only available shore-side."

"The expansion of our services into Saudi waters further shows our growing global competence," said Shannon Caldwell, executive director for offshore and remote services for NuPhysicia LLC, who provides InPlace Medical Solutions. "Our customers continue to see the value of our enhanced video medical services for offshore locations that brings physician care to the rig."

Available worldwide, InPlace Medical Solutions better manages offshore workforce health and lowers transportation risks and expenses. Offshore oil operators and drilling contractors benefit from reduced operating costs and higher workforce productivity.