Aeon to Match Aggressive Acquisition Plan in 2010

Aeon has announced its year end report and 2010 business plan summary. Aeon entered into the oil and gas development and production business in February 2009 and has prepared its corporate structure for acquisitions in the oil and gas sector in 2010.

Currently Aeon management is aggressively focused on exploring various business opportunities in which the Company can secure acquisitions / mergers combined with the financial resources available through the Company's stockholders and investor contacts to build Aeon's business. Aeon's management team has signed non disclosure agreements recently and has subsequently initiated mutual due diligence with a targeted acquisition. Management agreed to a limited quiet period until the final agreements are executed requiring reduced announcements until the quiet period is completed. The following is a summary of the short term objectives of Aeon:

  • Launch website and corporate communications - Completed
  • Negotiate and settle debts on the balance sheet to reduce the liabilities outstanding
  • Complete the audit for all 10Qs and 10Ks through quarter ending November 30, 2009
  • Complete targeted acquisition in energy development and roll out the business plan

The Company has retained David Christensen, CPA to work with Aeon's accounting staff and its auditor on completing the SEC filings and compliance through BC Securities Exchange and the Canadian SEDAR reporting system. Mr. Christensen has over 25 years of continuous specialized business and financial institution auditing and accounting experience as a licensed CPA in Montana, Oregon and Washington. His experience includes positions as CFO and executive vice president, internal auditor, outside CPA auditor and consultant to numerous financial institutions as well as serving as bank audit expert for the Oregon Society of CPAs audit review program for CPA firms.

With Mr. Christensen's help the Company will complete its February 28, 2009 through November 30, 2009 financial statements and file them with each respective agency as soon as the auditor has finished his reviews and audits. Since Aeon didn't maintain its OTCBB status during 2009 it can relist with the OTCBB once it reaches full reporting status again. Additionally once the filings have been made with the BC Securities Exchange any trading restrictions will be removed.

"Through our network of oil professionals and investors we are able to bring together our resources to mutually benefit new oil business partners, Aeon and the stockholders and investors of the Company. Aeon is going to match its aggressive acquisition plan in 2010 with strong corporate communications where the investor can expect to see consistent press announcements as events are materialized and the Company is contractually able to release such information," stated President/CEO Brandon Toth.