Statoil Fined for Statfjord A Leak

The Rogaland county public prosecutor has notified Statoil on December 18th that it has been fined NOK 25 million following the oil leak from the Statfjord A loading buoy, located in the Statfjord Area of the Norwegian North Sea, on December 12, 2007.

"We have noted the public prosecutor's decision," said Thorstein Hole, vice president for the operations west cluster in Statoil. "We'll be taking time to study the grounds for the fine."

Extensive improvements have been implemented after the accident on the North Sea field, he reported. "We've made changes to the way we plan and implement modifications, strengthened the maintenance program and adopted more secure routines for offshore loading.

"Together with the shipping companies, we've also implemented extensive upgrading work on 20 shuttle tankers we utilize on the Norwegian continental shelf."

He noted that more than 20,000 offshore loading operations have been conducted on the NCS over the past 30 years, including 7,000 on Statfjord.

"The measures we've adopted have enhanced loading robustness and security even further. Monitoring of these operations has also been improved, so that such incidents can be spotted early."

No identifiable harm was caused to the environment by the oil spill on Statfjord, according to a report from the Sintef research foundation, the Norwegian Institute for Marine Research and the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research.