Range Resources Confirms Commercial Discovery Onshore Texas

Range Resources has confirmed a commercial discovery for Smith #1 Well in the North Chapman Ranch area, Texas.

Smith #1 well, North Chapman Ranch

The Smith #1 was drilled and logged to a depth of 13,975' (4,260m). Based on open‐hole logs indicating approximately 120' (37m) of net pay thickness in three zones with no water, 4 ½" production casing was run to TD and cemented in place. After an interval of just 20' (6.2m) in one of the three zones was perforated, bottom‐hole pressure was estimated to be approximately 11,650 psi.

The well was unloaded on a 6/64" choke until gas reached the surface, and subsequently opened to a 10/64" choke for 5 hours to clean the well up. Despite the small choke size, the average rate during this period was 2.4 million cubic feet of gas and 191 barrels of oil per day with no water. Final flowing casing pressure was 6,354 psi.

The well was shut in with a final measured casing pressure of over 9,000 psi. The Smith well remains shut in awaiting production facilities and pipeline connection. Current plans are to perform additional testing of the well into the sales line and finish the completion at that time. Further test data (including reservoir size and reserve figures) will be released once completion operations are finalized, with first production and sales expected to occur in January 2010.

The well partners (Range -- 25%) have also purchased an additional 560 acres in the area bringing the total leased area in the prospect to 1,680 acres.