Baroid and National Oilwell Ink Distribution Agreement

The Baroid product service line of Halliburton Energy Services and National Oilwell have signed a global distribution agreement to allow both companies to increase participation in the expanding solids control and drilling waste management market.

The addition of National Oilwell equipment to the Baroid product line will allow Baroid to offer a range of services such as solids control equipment, fluid mixing and shearing systems, equipment instrumentation and automation, cuttings handling and transport systems, bulk additive and handling systems, cuttings injection equipment, rig design and auditing, and dewatering equipment. In conjunction with Baroid's core fluid services, this offering provides Total Fluids Management expertise to the industry.

"National Oilwell was the perfect choice for our partner to enter this important market," said Simon Seaton, global coordinator, Baroid Surface Solutions™ and Total Fluids Management. "They have the high quality equipment, engineering experience and global presence we need and both companies share a vision of the drilling rig of the future that will minimize the environmental impact of drilling operations and, in particular, drilling fluids and drilled cuttings."

"Halliburton is the right kind of partner for National Oilwell," said Kevin Neveu, National Oilwell's president of Rig Solutions - Western Hemisphere. "The industry leading drilling fluids services Baroid provides combined with the state-of-the-art solids control equipment designed and produced by National Oilwell will ensure a highly competitive global Total Fluids Management service. We are very excited to have the opportunity to showcase our equipment with Halliburton's Baroid product service line."