Entek Energy Recovers Potential Pay in Green River Basin

Entek reports that the Battle Mountain 14-15 well has reached a depth of 7,250 feet after drilling through the highly anticipated Niobrara Formation. While drilling the Niobrara, significant fractures were encountered and mudlog shows suggest zones of potential oil and gas pay. Oil was recovered from the mud pits along with elevated gas shows while drilling this section. The current operations are preparing to run wireline logs. Subject to confirmation of these zones as potential producing intervals, the well will be completed at this current depth. The rig will then
be demobilized prior to commencing a production test over the Niobrara Formation.

Entek tested both oil and gas from the Focus Ranch 12-1 in August this year. Focus Ranch 12-1 has tested three zones within the Niobrara and all have tested at similar rates. The well awaits tie-in to production.

The hydrocarbon pay estimated from the mudlog in the shallow section of the Battle Mountain 14-15 well has been confirmed by preliminary wireline log interpretation. Two pay zones have been identified for follow up testing and completion in the Isles Section. The Deep Creek Sandstone also has hydrocarbon pay (as it did in the recently drilled 13-15T well). There is also a possible pay zone in the Mancos Shale section which is being further evaluated.

Russell Brimage, Chief Executive Officer, commented, "The Battle Mountain 14-15 well appears to have encountered significant fractured pay in the Niobrara Formation. This is strong evidence supporting the prospectivity of this formation across the 66,000 acres of the portfolio. This result extends the Niobrara play well beyond the Focus Ranch Unit, where Entek tested a new Niobrara zone in the Focus Ranch 12-1 well in August this year. The Focus Ranch 12-1 well, which is awaiting tie-in to production, had previously flowed oil and gas at similar rates in prior testing from two other zones below the interval tested by Entek in August, bringing to three the number of Niobrara zones that flowed and tested oil and gas in that well."