CAVU Resources to Improve Garfield County Gas Production

CAVU Resources has recently mobilized its crew to rework gas production in Garfield County, Oklahoma.

This recently acquired project is in a gas production region with proven reserves. The Company has been focused on assessing the top priorities on its 160 acre lease. The first stage of the recompletion consists of pulling the rod and tubing and pressure testing the wellbore for production in the upper and lower Perry Sand formation.

Finally the company will re-perforate the formation location adding 3 shots per foot in the 26ft combined formation, as well as 12 feet of new perforations in the Advant formation and fracture the zones and treat with acid to open up these formations. This well has a long history of production and we anticipate that this re-work will add another 150,000 cubic feet of production. With this increased production, the Company's combined daily totals should soon exceed approximately 600,000 cubic feet of natural gas per day.

"The recent rise in gas prices and increased production, will allow additional cash flow to help fund new exploration of this and surrounding leases," said William C. Robinson, President of CAVU Resources, Inc.