AnTech Adds New HPHT Derivative to Wellhead Outlet Range

AnTech recently announced the addition of a new derivative to its range of Wellhead Outlets that significantly increases its ability to maintain the integrity of today's hottest wells.

Customer Demand Triggers Expansion

In response to customer demand, AnTech has produced a new derivative that can be used in wells with a Ta (ambient temperature) rating from -40°C to 160°C, which represents a significant increase. The remaining Wellhead Outlets in the AnTech range are certified for use up to 90°C, and every Wellhead Outlet is ATEX-certified for use in Zone 1 and 2 Hazardous Areas.

The Wellhead Outlet is used in permanent completions where pressure and temperature must be continuously monitored. It is a device that connects downhole cable to the surface telemetry system. The downhole cable terminates in a pressure bulkhead, and connects to the surface cable. This configuration ensures that the integrity of the wellhead is maintained, even if the downhole cable is flooded.

The new Wellhead Outlet employs design enhancements and new components, including a ceramic terminal block, to make certain that it will operate safely in the higher temperatures typically generated by the majority of High Pressure - High Temperature (HPHT) wells.

Design Improvements Offer Benefits

In addition to ensuring that all components can withstand the higher temperatures, a number of new design features have been incorporated in both this new derivative and standard AnTech Wellhead Outlets. The new design features include:

New autoclave fitting on the cablehead -- The autoclave fitting replaces the former NPT (National Pipe Thread) fitting. This new feature ensures that it can operate safely under wellhead pressures of 15,000 psi. In addition, it does away with the need to use tape or swak paste during installation. Given that a number of operators restrict the use of PTFE tape, swak paste has become the default choice in many areas. Unfortunately, swak paste requires 24 hours to dry, which is not feasible in offshore environments.

Changes to materials -- AnTech has also made improvements in the materials selected for some components to make certain that every Wellhead Outlet is NACE-compliant in all situations, even with unlimited or unknown volumes of H2S.

Wellhead Outlet Performs Around the World

The industry's drive to improve safety and performance downhole has seen a steady rise in sales of AnTech’s Wellhead Outlets. With more than 400 units purchased by service companies, the Wellhead Outlet is one of the company's best-selling systems. It has been used effectively in every oil-producing region in the world.