Hydratight Offers New On-Site Training Program in Qatar

Hydratight's expertise in on-site machining is now available in Qatar, following an extensive training program based on systems that have made Hydratight a world leader.

Engineer trainers from the company's Saudi Arabian HQ recently operated intensive training courses in Qatar, bringing staff up-to-date on the latest methods and machinery to provide three-axis milling, drilling, tapping and other standard machining processes.

Joel Carrosino, Hydratight's OSM supervisor in Saudi Arabia, managed the training in the technicians' own language, so no meaning was lost in translation.

"Hydratight is a major player worldwide in on-site machining services, so if we are to continue our growth in the Middle East we must be able to offer the same expert service here," Joel explained.

"That is where continual training, assessment and retraining comes in. Hydratight's internal training policies are among the best in the field, so potential clients can be sure the job will be be completed as safely and accurately as possible."