Enventure Marks Company's One Millionth Feet of Liner Expanded

Enventure Global Technology, the pioneer in solid expandable technology, has announced two significant milestones: the successful installation of one million feet of expandable liner with a new Cased-hole 3-½ x 4-½ in. high-performance expandable system. The 30-ft (pre-expansion length) SET® System was installed in a North Dakota well as part of a three-well remediation project for a major North American operator.

The operator planned-in Enventure's high-performance SET System to repair a failed frac sleeve. By utilizing a high-performance expandable system, the operator was able to finish the planned completion technique.

"Expanding our one millionth foot of liner on the first commercial installation of a new expandable system is significant on many levels," said Ray Ballantyne, Enventure's chief executive officer. "It not only continues the company's record-setting history, but it also proves our technology's reliability and the industry's acceptance of expandables as a cost-effective, high-performance solution compared with alternatives. We are extremely proud of our accomplishment and look forward to helping the industry continue to achieve objectives previously unimaginable 10 years ago."

Enventure's new, single-joint, high-performance system was designed to facilitate completion and production applications. It provides a 3-¼ in. pass-through and has been tested to withstand up to 10,000 lbs per square inch (psi) at 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

"The growing breadth of expandable applications continues to demonstrate the diversity of the technology and proves its value to the operator in each stage of the well's lifecycle," said Kevin Waddell, Enventure's technology and marketing vice president. "We expect this latest application to springboard our efforts in bringing expandable technology to unconventional and fracture enhancement projects."

Regional Expandable Milestones and Facts:

With the millionth expanded feet, Enventure has more solid expandable footage installed globally than any other company. The company has installed more than 1,100 expandable systems. Below are a few of Enventure's interesting expandable facts and milestones:


  • 2001 marked Enventure's first international installation
  • The first use of a solid expandable system with a hydraulic workover unit (HWO) was in West Africa


  • More than 110,000 ft of expandable pipe has been run in more than 300 installations
  • Enventure's expandable technology was installed in a field-wide rejuvenation project in China that included over 270 wells
  • Recently, Enventure established a Beijing office to support demand
  • 2009 marked major milestones with the first installations in both Australia and Vietnam


  • Enventure was the first to install solid expandables in multi-zone completion applications
  • The company has both onshore and offshore installations in its Canadian portfolio


  • Enventure has had a presence in the region since 2001
  • The company has the longest Cased-hole Liner (CHL) on record at 6,025 ft
  • The first gas-tight application of solid expandables was in the North Sea
  • Enventure has 40 installations with over 60,000 ft of expandables

Middle East:

  • Since 2002, nearly 190,000 ft of expandable liner has been installed in the Middle East in more than 160 wells
  • Enventure incorporated the first use of solid expandable technology with intelligent completions
  • Middle East projects include a multi-well water shut-off program that increased production by 90 percent

United States:

  • The United States is the birthplace of expandables
  • Enventure had the first solid expandable installation in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM)
  • First use of solid expandable technology through a window exit completed in the GOM
  • Enventure holds the record for the longest solid expandable liner installed at 6,935 ft
  • The company has 570 installations with almost 700,000 ft of pipe