GustoMSC Delivers 9 Proprietary Designs in 2nd Half of 2009

GustoMSC, a subsidiary of the SBM Offshore group, has about 30 of its proprietary designs still under construction. GustoMSC is a leading design and engineering company based in the Netherlands and involved in all types of mobile offshore units, including jackups, semisubmersible units and ship-shape vessels and turnkey delivery of associated equipment such as jacking systems and offshore cranes.

The following units were delivered in the 2nd half of 2009:

JB-114 & JB-115

These two construction jackups of the GustoMSC SEA2000 series have been delivered by Drydocks World -- South East Asia to Jack-up Barge BV in June 2009.

Seajacks Leviathan

The Seajacks Leviathan, a GustoMSC NG2500-X unit, is a sister vessel of the Seajacks Kraken. The Leviathan was delivered by Lamprell Energy to Seajacks in June 2009. The unit is currently under contract for Fluor at the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm.

Maersk Reacher

The Maersk Reacher is number four of the GustoMSC CJ50-X100, delivered by Keppel FELS to Maersk Drilling in July 2009. This rig can operate in a water depth of 350 ft and, with its modern drilling equipment centered around the GustoMSC X-Y cantilever, has proven to be an efficient drilling unit. The first rig, Maersk Resilient, has commenced operations in February 2008 for Dubai Petroleum Establishment.


The Goliath, a GustoMSC SEA2000 unit, has been delivered by Iemants to GEOSEA in August 2009. The unit was on its first job one week after delivery to install Offshore Wind Turbines.

Maersk Discoverer

The Maersk Discoverer is of the DSS21 class, developed by GustoMSC and Keppel DTG as the top of the line DP drilling semi-submersible for deepwater development and exploration drilling. The Maersk Developer, the first of the series of three, is presently operating in the Gulf of Mexico for a 4 years contract with Statoil.

Naga 2 and Perro Negro 6

The Naga 2 and Perro Negro 6 are GustoMSC CJ46-X100-D jackup drilling units for 350 ft water depth. Both units were delivered by Drydocks World -- South East Asia to their respective owners UMW Singapore Drilling and Saipem, in September and October 2009. These units are part of a series of four at this yard.

Gold Star

The Gold Star is a DSS38 unit, developed by GustoMSC and Keppel DTG, delivered by Keppel FELS to the Brazilian operator Queiroz Galvão Óleo e Gás on October 27, 2009. The Gold Star and its sister unit Alpha Star will support Petrobras’ exploration and production activities offshore Brazil.


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