Indo-Pacific Plans Deep Gas Wells in Taranaki Basin

Indo-Pacific is considering drilling some "deep gas" wells in onshore Taranaki during the next two years. The company's chief executive David Bennett said that present exploration emphasis was on drilling the shallow Miocene-aged Mt Messenger prospects as it was easier to raise the capital necessary for these programs, as well as the wells being easier and cheaper to drill than those targeting deeper formations.

However, given the successful raising of exploration capital for deeper targets, it was possible Indo-Pacific could drill up to three wells targeting such formations as the Tariki Sandstones or Eocene-aged Kapuni Group within the next two years.

The Akama deep-gas feature identified by seismic in the PEP 38753 permit was a possible future target.

The experience gained through participation in the current Tuihu-1A re-entry well should be invaluable in planning and operating Indo-Pacific's own deep gas drilling projects over the coming two years, Dr Bennett said.