Nordic Successfully Drills Third and Fourth Lloydminster Wells

Nordic Oil and Gas announced that drilling and casing of its new 15B-22-50-2-W4 and 4D-24-50-2-W4 heavy oil wells at Lloydminster, Alberta have been completed. This brings to four the number of successful wells the Company has drilled in over the past two weeks as part of its 10-well drilling program at Lloydminster.

Each of the wells has shown good pay levels in the Sparky zones and further testing is being done to determine the viability of possible production from the Dina zone.

"It is anticipated that we could see production levels from the Sparky zone of approximately 15 and 20 barrels of oil per day(x) at each well," Mr. Benson stated. "This means the possibility of an additional 60 to 80 BOEs(xx) from these four wells alone."

The fifth well in the drilling program, 15B-6-50-1-W4, was spudded on December 9 and is expected to be completed by December 12. The rig will then move to the sixth location at 10B-6-50-1-W4 where drilling is expected to begin by December 13.

"When these two wells are completed, we will then have 14 wells primed for production at Lloydminster, with the likelihood of four more by the end the year or early in 2010," Mr. Benson added. "If all 10 of the newly drilled wells are placed on production in the New Year, we could conceivably see our production at Lloydminster reach approximately 275 to 300 BOEs per day"

In addition, the Company is also considering drilling a horizontal well and is currently investigating the possibility of shooting 3-D seismic over the quarter section target lands.

"As we stated in the past, these new wells will most assuredly add substantially to our 2010 reserves report, which will be undertaken in the New Year," added Mr. Benson.