Shell Sets New Industry Record in Subsea Well Intervention

Shell, together with Oceaneering International, achieved a new industry record in subsea well intervention by successfully replacing a failed Subsurface-Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve in the Gulf of Mexico using Openwater Wireline technique at a water depth of 2,673 feet (815 meters). This achievement marks a new industry record for producing wells. Openwater Wireline has previously been deployed only in shallower waters, predominantly in the North Sea.

Peter Sharpe, Shell Executive Vice President - Wells, said, "The use of Openwater Wireline to such a depth is a record that we are proud of, and it is just the latest in a long list of technology firsts for Shell. This achievement is much more than a short-term record-breaking success. It is a game changer. Over the last 10 years, this technology reduced both the costs and frequency of interventions in shallow water, and I am confident we will see the same in deepwater."

Oceaneering International, Inc. provided the vessel and services for the operation. The company's Subsea Intervention Lubricator System (SILS®) is designed to perform cost-effective, safe, wirelinebased subsea well interventions without the need for a drilling rig or large multi-service vessel and workover riser.

M. Kevin McEvoy, Oceaneering's Executive Vice President, said, "We are pleased to have been a part of setting this water depth record for Openwater Wireline. The project’s success was the result of our joint effort with Shell and others to develop SILS® over a period of more than five years. Having demonstrated this technology in deepwater, we believe it can now take its rightful place in the suite of intervention techniques being used to add value through the life of subsea wells."

Shell aims to reduce costs for these types of maintenance activity and improve the ultimate recovery from deepwater reservoirs with the next focus area being deepwater-coiled tubing deployment without the need for a drilling rig or large multi-service vessel and workover riser.