East Saiwan-2 Testing Set to Commence Onshore Oman

The workover rig MB 49 has been successfully moved from Farha South-3 to East Saiwan-2 on Block 4 onshore Oman and testing operations of the heavy oil zones encountered in East Saiwan-2 are set to commence. The East Saiwan-2 well was drilled in June this year and encountered more than 400 meters of gross heavy oil column in three different sand and limestone layers. The testing operations are being conducted to attempt to produce the heavy oil to surface and assess possible production rates.

Operations are expected to continue for three to four weeks.

Tethys has a 50 percent interest in the licences covering Blocks 3 and 4. Consolidated Contractors Energy Development (Oman) Ltd holds the remaining 50 percent and is operator.