Toreador Makes Headway at Rigny le Ferron Permit in Paris Basin

Toreador has provided an operations update relating to the La Garenne LGA-1D conventional exploration well, which is located on the 100% Toreador-owned Rigny le Ferron permit in the Paris Basin in France:

On December 5, 2009, the LGA-1D was successfully drilled to the planned total depth of 1,570 meters MD.

The LGA-1D tested a three-way dip elongated faulted closure in two Dogger limestone formations - the Callovian and the Bathonian. The well results confirm this geologic model, with the top of the Dogger being encountered as forecast at –1,079 meters TVDSS, 20 meters higher than the flank well, Flacy 1 drilled by Total S.A. in 1984.

Four cores were cut in the Dogger section from 1,404 meters to 1,453.6 meters MD with a recovery of about 95% of the entire interval, identifying hydrocarbon pay with oils stains and fluorescence in a porous matrix oolitic reservoir.

Electric wireline logs confirm that reservoir porosity ranges from 12% to 14%. Core analyses will reconfirm the porosity and measure reservoir permeability of the two reservoirs.

The estimated minimum oil column is 50 meters from the top of the Callovian to the base of the Bathonian. Log analysis of the formation below the Bathonian suggests an active aquifer below the structure.

Craig McKenzie, President and CEO of Toreador, said, "The La Garenne well is part of our incremental growth strategy in advance of Toreador's exploitation of the Paris Basin Oil Shale. We are pleased with the preliminary results of the well. With the potential of proving between 6-30 mmbo of oil in place, we will continue to move forward with testing key reservoir intervals and expect to have an evaluation of the well’s productivity index and reserves potential by mid-January 2010."