3D Seismic Expert Joins Strategic American Oil's Geological Team

Strategic American Oil has added Geologist John E. De Leon to its technical team. Mr. De Leon's responsibilities will include oil and gas prospect generation, 3D seismic data interpretation, and establishing and developing working interest partner relationships for prospect development. Mr. De Leon received his B.S. is Geology from Texas A&M in 1985.

Mr. De Leon is a career Geologist with 20 years experience in drilling operations, environmental inspection, prospect generation, and 3D seismic data analysis. He previously worked under the tutelage of Bob Bennett, one of the most respected geologists in the field of 3D seismic analysis in Texas. Mr. Bennett continues to consult with the Company on seismic analysis and will be working closely with Mr. De Leon.

Jeremy Driver, President and CEO stated, "3D seismic is a key tool in Strategic American Oil's exploration plans for discovering new oil and gas reserves along the gulf coast, and having a Geologist of Mr. De Leon's experience and ability in the field of 3D seismic adds to our ability to find and develop prospects in-line with our business model."