Ithaca Ramps Up Production Level at Beatrice Platform

Ithaca Energy announced that current daily production from Beatrice and Jacky metered ex-platform is exceeding 14,000 bopd (approximately 6,700 bopd net to Ithaca); which is the highest level since Ithaca became operator of the field.

Daily metered ex-platform production rates during November from Jacky were sustained at over 10,000 bopd gross. Combined production from Jacky and Beatrice averaged 10,123 bopd gross (4,878 bopd net to Ithaca) over the month as measured at the Nigg storage facility.

During November, Jacky oil production was stabilized and the downhole pump rate was increased in the production well. Pressure in the reservoir has steadily increased since water injection commenced on November 5.

Well intervention operations, to refurbish and restart production wells tied into the Beatrice Bravo platform, have advanced smoothly and on schedule. In one well, the standby downhole pump has now been activated and final preparations are being made to start production; this well has been inactive since July 2007.

A second well has been fully refurbished. New tubing has been set and perforations added across the reservoir section; a new downhole pump is currently being installed. The Beatrice Bravo program has been extended to retain the drilling rig Ensco 80 to undertake a third well intervention, maximizing the synergies of this operation. This intervention will involve perforating across a previously untapped section of the Beatrice reservoir to access an undrained area of the field.

The resultant production figures achieved through the Beatrice Bravo well intervention work will be announced as part of a December production update.

Partners in the Jacky field are Ithaca (47.5%), Dyas UK Ltd (42.5%) and North Sea Energy (UK) Ltd (10%). Joint Venture Partners in the Beatrice Field, including Beatrice Bravo are Ithaca (50%) and Dyas UK Ltd (50%).